Mobile Truck Advertising Benefits

Benefits of Mobile Truckside Advertising

Did you know 97% of people can recall truck and other mobile ads, while only 58% of ad viewers remember advertisements they saw online or on smartphones?

Did you also know that 91% of vehicle occupants actively look at truck advertisements at the time of exposure? Additionally, more than 35% of these viewers make time to search for these advertisements online.

Moreover, the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) states outdoor advertising media targeting vehicle drivers and passengers reach more than 95 percent of Americans!

What do these figures tell us?

These stats reveal mobile truck advertising as an effective channel of reaching your target audience.

Wrapping a truck with your message is the complete package. You can drive it to retail locations, concerts, stadiums, and anywhere your target audience lives, works, or plays. Moreover, one message is enough to reach these target masses.

Why Use Truckside Advertising?

When is it most appropriate to use commercial truck advertising versus other outdoor advertising solutions? Here are some reasons to use mobile billboards:

  • Mobile billboards save between a third or half the price of conventional billboards.
  • Mobile truck advertising gives you more control of when and where you want people to see your ad.
  • When you want to present messages to your audience that are too big to miss, turn to a billboard truck.
  • When you don’t want to incur recurring costs for graphics and design.
  • When you are tired of the limitations of simple company logos on your vehicle, use truck wraps to offer more space for imagery.

No Switching Off or Changing of Channels

Although they are some of the most popular advertising channels, electronic channels bring several limitations. Everyone likes switching or turning off television or radio channels during advertising time. Since most electronic media advertisers pour their advertising budgets into prime hours, most viewers and listeners evade them because they disrupt their favorite entertainment.

Nobody thinks about switching off a conspicuously visible and colorfully designed truck ad! Therefore, trucks are a highly successful outdoor advertising medium.

Comparing Truck Advertising to Other Media Channels

How do mobile billboard trucks compare or contrast with traditional advertising media, and in what ways do truck advertisements beat these other channels in terms of effectiveness?

Better Targeting of Specific Audiences and Locations

Audience and location targeting are important factors in all marketing campaigns. By using mobile billboard advertising, you can target your audience and run your advertisement on trucks working a specific route.

You can plan this kind of targeting while factoring in the following elements:

  • Human traffic density
  • Specific socioeconomic zones
  • Selected neighborhoods and suburbs
  • Areas of target businesses you want to get your message to
  • Events, conferences, or convention venues with potential customers

Greater Effectiveness in Truck Advertising

Commercial truck advertisements are 65% more effective than traditional advertising media, such as static billboards. They also have a 57% higher conversion rate.

Marketers can also use branded trucks to enforce or explain brand messaging during live advertising campaigns. This kind of operation is impossible with static billboards, because you cannot carry them to your audience.

Mobile Truck Advertising is Easy

Trucks are effective tools for mobile advertisements because it is easy to track responses in real-time.

With GPS technology in place, you can set a specific route for hired trucks and use this technology to know exactly where your ads went during the day and what audience was reached.

For example, if you hired trucks and the GPS monitoring shows they are passing through heavy traffic, you can tell them to stop shortly. This brief stop will expose your ads to a greater viewing audience.

Consequently, you can eliminate underperforming trucks and retain only those delivering results and reaching your target audience. With the flexibility of truck advertising, you can save money and get optimal results from your advertising campaigns.

Billboards can never give you this kind of control over your advertising activities. Remember, it is very easy to fortify such campaigns with live audience interactions. Incorporating meet-the-people tours makes your campaigns livelier and more interactive than static billboards, television and radio.

No Ad-Blocking

Unlike the Internet, truck ads don’t suffer from ad blockers. In the age when every platform is invading our inboxes with irrelevant and at times annoying advertisements, many users are resorting to ad blockers.

In 2015 alone, ad blocking rose to a record 90 percent according to a recent report. Here were some of the findings:

  • At least 309 million online mobile users, making up to 16% of the world’s 1.9 billion smartphone users (in 2015), were blocking ads when accessing the Web.
  • As of March 2016, an estimated 298 million people were actively using mobile ad-blocking browsers.
  • Lastly, more than 4.9 million mobile users had downloaded content blocking and in-app ad-blocking applications from the app stores in Europe and North America since September 2014.

What do all these figures reveal?

They tell us clearly that even some of the most common advertising platforms are slowly losing their edge. The flooding of irrelevant, and at times, inappropriate or annoying advertisements on the web, television and radio have made people wary of advertising in general. .

Billboard trucks don’t have these limitations because your target audience cannot block them. In fact, people naturally like looking at beautifully designed or interesting truck wraps.

People also enjoy how mobile truck advertising doesn’t intrude on their privacy or distract them with pop-ups.

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