Billboard Truck Advertising

Truckside advertising is a great way to get exposure for your message. A wrap envelopes the entire box portion of a large truck which can then be driven to retail locations, concerts, games, events and more, to reach large crowds with a single ad. There are many different options you can optimize to accelerate your advertising campaigns.

Type of Truckside Advertisements

Full wraps

The full wrap is the best truck advertising option. You can choose to wrap an entire track with your adverts it offers you maximum visibility and the most space to pass your message to your audience. A full wrap compares to a large billboard except that it is mobile.

Truck sides

If you don’t want to utilize a whole truck, you can opt for truck sides to popularize your brand. Truck sides still have enough space that can suit the needs of many advertisers.

Truck rears

The rears of advertising trucks are still a sizzling option. Truck rears can give your target viewers up to 48 seconds of exposure. Moreover, the rears leave your target audience with no option except to keep gazing at your advert until the wrapped truck disappears.

Whichever way, these three options ensure everyone gets something that suits their advertising needs and budget.


Truck Advertising: Factors to Consider When Choosing a Truck Ads Company

Choosing a truck advertising company can either make or break your outdoor advertising campaign. Therefore, choose your potential advertising suitor cautiously if you want to get value for your money. Below are factors to consider when selecting this critical partner in your advertising efforts.

  • Interview several truck advertising companies

Your truck advertising campaign starts with a service provider. Therefore, interview several service providers to sample their rates, offers, product and service range, and work quality. This way, it will be easier to assess them based on these factors and the ones I will discuss in the remaining parts of this section.

  • Experience with your business type

Different business fields have varying truck advertising needs. Therefore, make sure the truck wrapping company you want to entrust with your marketing campaign understands your business type well. Moreover, ensure that it has enough experience handling similar jobs. You can prove this by requesting for samples of the work they have done for your competitors. Otherwise, if the company does not have a living point of reference, better look elsewhere.

  • Mind your vision

You need to mind your vision before choosing a truck advertising company. Ensure that the firm understands your vision and aligns all its efforts to fulfill it. Otherwise, don’t settle for a company that wants to exploit your needs and impose its ideas on you. Remember, the customer is king in this selection process, and hence, you have the final say. Therefore, don’t settle for less or anything else that will derail you from your truck advertising goals and overall company vision.

  • Use consistent branding

Before settling for a given service provider, you have to consider your company’s branding. For instance, if you already have advertising campaigns running on other platforms, you should align your truck adverts to resonate with them. The alignment should revolve around common issues such as color, message tone, and target audience. Therefore, the prospective provider should help you to achieve all this.

  • Overall professionalism

The prospective truck ad provider must exhibit professionalism in everything. The firm should offer technical excellence and handle customers courteously. Its work has to be visually appealing and reflect your message to its target audience effectively.

  • Know the different wrapping materials available

The quality and type of materials available for truck advertising are critical decision factors. You have to ask the professional the types of materials they have plus their pros and cons. This way, you will be able to gauge each material’s durability level and choose appropriately.

  • Post-installation services

Does the company offer post-installation services to keep your advert wrapping in its best state? If it does, then move with it. If it doesn’t, you need to look elsewhere.

  • Durability

Does the provider offer lasting advertising wraps that are also easily removable? If the company does, you can be sure of a partner that will give you value for your money. A good advert wrap should have at least a five-year warranty.

  • Legibility

Your chosen service provider should also produce legible truck adverts even when the truck is speeding. The company should do this because illegible adverts will defeat their purpose and frustrate your advertising efforts.

  • Don’t forget the emotions

Lastly, your truck adverts need to feature emotional and evocative graphics. Remember, emotions are critical in securing favorable buying decisions. Therefore, know what appeals best to your target audience’s emotions before incorporating them. This means your chosen provider should know how best to integrate relevant emotional components into your outdoor advertising campaign.

Why Truck Adverts Matter

Wrapping trucks with adverts is one of the best ways of reaching your audience. It is a mobile solution and an affordable, effective alternative to traditional stationary billboards, TV, the Net, and radio. Moreover, it has many unique advantages over most of the advertising media listed above.

Why Choose TSN

TSN Advertising is the #1 choice for truckside ads and billboards. With over 1900 trucks wrapped in over 40 markets, our experience and knowledge will help your truck advertisement reach the largest possible audience and achieve your marketing goals. Contact us today for more information. | 310.994.1414