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Truck Advertising in San Francisco

Market your business with TSN’s truck ad campaigns in the cultural, commercial and financial city of San Francisco.

Truck Advertising in San Francisco

With the visual capabilities of a full-sized billboard in a mobile format, billboard truck advertising can bring a competitive edge to your business. San Francisco is the fourth most populated city in California with a population size of 884,363, and is one of the most popular tourist destinations of the U.S. It’s home to countless well-known companies such as Levi Strauss, Gap, Yelp, and Twitter, and is the headquarters of five major banking institutions. With so many large companies as well as numerous smaller and local businesses, your brand should consider San Francisco as a prime target for marketing campaigns.

What is a Mobile Billboard?

A mobile billboard a visual billboard that is placed on the sides of actual delivery trucks. We put your message exactly where your customers are every day with our mobile billboards. Advertising on a truck is a unique strategy to helps your message stand out by placing them at eye level next to other cars on the road, as they travel to work, home, and stores. These truck ads are inescapable for drivers on the road.

According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, out of home advertising “reaches people no matter how they consume their media, making them stop, notice, and buy. No other advertising format is more ever-present, or more creatively versatile.”

How Do Billboard Trucks Work?

TSN uses real delivery trucks to share your message at an affordable price! Our trucks travel the most common areas in San Francisco, making deliveries every day to the busiest parts of the city. We target specific areas and demographics so that your message finds the right audience!

TSN’s San Francisco and Bay Area delivery truck fleet have 25 trucks, which represents 10,500 square feet of street-level advertising, comparable in size to 16 billboards, or more than 400 bus side ads.

Trucks in our fleet have to meet three criteria to qualify:

  1.       They must deliver to consumer-facing retail, like grocery or convenience stores
  2.       All of the deliveries must occur when and where the most people are
  3.       All of the trucks must make their money-delivering product, making the ad dollars just a bonus

Why Do Truck Ads Get More Coverage Than Other Advertising Options?

The beauty of mobile billboards is that you have the power of what routes the truck takes, including the days and times to provide the most advertising exposure. At TSN, we offer custom routing: we regularly bring our clients advertising trucks to the biggest concerts, games, and events to get unmatched exposure to the crowds that matter most to our clients.

Our home office ensures daily monitoring of our advertising trucks. With the state-of-the-art GPS tracking and real-time monitoring, TSN knows exactly what advertising coverage our clients get. The map below shows a trail that our GPS ping leaves behind.

How Much Do Mobile Billboards Cost?

Billboard truck advertising has the lowest cost per impression shown to increase sales. Mobile truck advertising increases sales by 107%, compared to static billboards increase of only 54%, according to a recent study by Product Acceptance & Research Inc. Advertising on a mobile truck is also less expensive than other traditional marketing outlets, including printed ads and TV or radio commercials.

Get Started With Mobile Truck Advertising

TSN Advertising is a truck-side outdoor advertising company that provides billboard branding without the high pricing. We’re excited to help you get started with your next marketing campaign in San Francisco.  

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