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Mobile Truck Advertising With TSN

The world of truck advertising can be simple and cost-effective or confusing and seemingly ambiguous. More times than not, the difference is the ad agency you choose.

At TSN Advertising, we remove the confusion and the pitfalls out of truck advertising which has plagued the industry for years. Over the years, we have seen problem after problem arise from the very advertising partners our clients relied upon for good quality advertising.

From advertising wraps that look subpar, or worse, trucks that are never seen, to damaged advertising wraps that don’t get repaired – the trucking partner you choose can make the difference in a successful, cost-effective advertising initiative that delivers on the objectives laid out, versus one that leaves you regretting time and money poorly spent.

There are a number of factors that separate the winners from everyone else. Here at TSN Advertising, we obsess over these as time and time again, they have separated us from the less reputable truck advertisers out there.

The types of trucks selected, the type of wrap used to create the advertising, and then the all-important maintenance of the wraps are incredibly important factors that drive our successful campaigns.

Choosing a Truck Partner

Effective truckside advertising begins with selecting the trucks that are worth our clients’ hard-earned, and highly-demanding advertising dollars. TSN uses the most discriminating criteria to select its trucking partners, resulting in the elimination of well over 90% of the trucks on the road.

We require our trucking partners to be based in the city in which they operate. Our partners must also work a minimum of 5 days and well over 40 hours per week.

But, we don’t stop there.

Our trucking partners must deliver to retailers in their cities. Finally, the trucks need to pass the good looks test: if the truck isn’t in good enough shape to bring home to mom, it’s not good enough to advertise for our clients.

Having a commitment to these strict requirements and high standards is the reason we have had the privilege of turning some 50 clients onto the mobile truck platform.

Our trucks look the best and are seen the most.

By choosing only local trucks, we ensure that all of the time the truck is operating, it is doing so in a designated market. This concentrates the exposure our clients’ trucks provide and ensure they’re seen as often as possible.

There simply isn’t enough advertising value between major cities for our clients to spend their money on trucks that operate between, say, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Both those cities are very valuable for our clients, but the space between them is far less valuable.

This isn’t to say a billboard between them isn’t of value, but a truck heading along a highway is seen by the few cars that pass it, while a traditional billboard is seen by every car. But, a truck delivering to retailers within a busy city is constantly on major roads with the highest concentration of shoppers and commuters.

Retail deliveries also ensure that TSN’s trucks make their deliveries during business hours. Again, ensuring the highest concentration of potential eyes on ads for our clients.

Here’s a TSN Advertising truck making a front-of-store delivery

High-Quality Truck Wraps

After selecting the trucks with the highest possible visibility, TSN sets the bar with the best looking truck ads found anywhere.

With our Signature InfinityWrap™ with Premium Laminate, TSN sets the standard in truck advertising aesthetics. Unlike the traditional truck ad-wrap, TSN doesn’t just wrap the flat panels of the truck, which leaves 12+ inches of exposed silver frames and degrades the look of the ad.

TSN instead wraps these frames for a significantly better-looking wrap that provides an uninterrupted, best-in-class advertisement.

The Premium Laminate is an additional, invisible layer that protects the wrap against fading and peeling to ensure our clients’ ads remain looking better than ever before.

See the TSN Difference

Traditional Wrap
TSN’s Signature InfinityWrap™ with Premium Laminate

Ongoing Maintenance of Truck Wraps

Finally, a good truck advertising partner must maintain the wrap like the Post Office delivers mail: thru ice and sleet and rain and wind.

The elements a truck-ad must face are challenging, even to the best short term billboard trucks. This means problems do arise, especially when our clients have dozens of trucks wrapped, sometimes well over a hundred moving billboards.

This makes it essential for your trucking partner to have a close, active relationship with the truckers, which include monthly washes and regular check-ups to ensure the advertisement is looking as good as our clients expect.

Partner With TSN for Truckside Advertising

At TSN Advertising, we have been obsessing over these critical details since we began wrapping hundreds of trucks back in 2013. It is the commitment to the best trucks that look the best they can for the best clients in the world that have made this whole endeavor a growing success.

We’d love to show you how well a billboard truck can look with your brand, and how visible that ad can be when you work with the right truck advertising partner. Give us a call or shoot us an email today to discover for yourself at 888.496.4850.