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Truck Advertising in Los Angeles

With offices in Downtown Santa Monica, TSN has launched several dozen massive truck ad campaigns in the the second largest city in the U.S., the city of TSN angels.

Mobile Truck Advertising in LA

Los Angeles brings unique challenges to advertisers for one simple reason: it’s as spread out as any city in America. But being home to the second largest population and a highly active consumer market, it’s a requisite in every brand’s advertising repertoire. This has lead to a consistent, two-pronged advertising approach for many of the world’s top brands and local advertisers alike: Grab a few really expensive freeway billboards to hit a wide range of people that commute and couple that with super local, smaller scale ads on buses or bus shelters.

Having Your Cake and Eating it Too

The one-two approach to advertising in LA was pretty much the only option for outdoor advertisers until the arrival of TSN Advertising. With a discerning criteria for selecting the right trucks, TSN has managed to combine the assets of each of these two approaches and eliminate their vices. Sound too good to be true? Tell that to the nearly 40 advertisers that continue to carve out more and more dollars to TSN in its hometown. TSN’s Los Angeles fleet of well over a hundred trucks average over 400 square feet of street-level advertising. Two critical components in that offering are that the size of the truck is relatively larger than all but wallscapes and the trucks themselves sit above even SUVs as they travel on highways and streets. So, with TSN trucks in LA you don’t need someone to be driving in traffic and look up and to the right to see you ad, now the ad is sitting directly in front of them or right next to them. And as for the cost? Well a single freeway billboard regularly delivers our clients 7 – 10 trucks. And what about the second prong of the two-pronged approach? The super local ads that deliver ads in far reaching places with fewer OOH options? That’s where the inter-commute, daily deliveries come into play. After a typical commute of well over an hour on jam-packed freeways, TSN’s LA trucks make 10-12 deliveries to grocery stores, fast food restaurants, strip malls, hotels, and businesses. These are the same streets that buses commute and sell 10 square feet of advertising in their little banner ads that get covered up by the first car that drives next to it.

Reducing CPMs, Maintaining Advertising Coverage

TSN has secured a massive fleet of 125 trucks, representing some 50,000 square feet of street-level advertising, the equivalent of 75 billboards or 2,083 bus banner ads, that make daily deliveries into LA’s busiest cities like Santa Monica, Pasadena, Downtown, the Inland Empire, and the San Fernando Valley. Because a truck can only qualify for TSN’s advertising network if they delivery to consumer-facing retail, such as a grocery or convenience store, all of the deliveries occur not only where most people are, they occur when most people are there. The final ingredient to combining the massive ad space with an unbelievably affordable price, is that all of these trucks make their money delivering product. The ad dollars are just icing on a big, flat-panelled sidewall.

TSN’s LA trucks average over 500 miles a week and 12 deliveries a day to consumer-facing retail or commercial businesses. All deliveries are also made only between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m., with a few exceptions that also include a night shift in addition to the day shift. This, of course, isn’t by accident. TSN’s strict qualification guidelines require this exact kind of coverage, leaving blank nearly two thirds of the trucks in operation.

World Class Advertising Coverage

Below is an example of the daily — nah, minute by minute — monitoring that TSN’s home office does for every one of our advertising trucks, every day. With state of the art GPS tracking and real time monitoring, TSN knows just what advertising coverage we’re delivering to our clients. The map below shows the breadcrumb trail the trucks GPS pings leave behind. And just as we have sold our clients: the more people in an area, the more often our truck will be there — providing them epic street-level advertising for fewer dollars than ever before.

TSN’s Advertising Coverage in Los Angeles

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