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Truck Advertising in New York City

With offices in midtown Manhattan, TSN has launched nearly a dozen massive truck ad campaigns in the grand daddy out-of-home market of them all…NYC.

Mobile Truck Advertising in NYC

New York City has long been hailed the out of home (OOH) capital of the world —and for good reason. Not only is it the most densely populated city in the U.S., it remains the financial and commercial capital of the world.

More business is done in NYC than any other city on the planet. All that cheddar has led to one very expensive problem for advertisers. That’s where TSN Advertising stepped in.

Record Low CPMs

With cost per mille (CPM) in the $35 dollar range, NYC outdoor advertising costs an average of seven times the national average. Times Square is in a league of its own. But what if you could hop on the sides of a billboard-sized truck that passes through Times Square everyday while it’s making deliveries? That’s what TSN’s clients, including Western Union, Handy, Capsule, and others, have been doing since 2014.

Reducing CPMs, Maintaining Advertising Coverage

TSN has secured a massive fleet of 75 trucks, representing some 30,000 square feet of street-level advertising, the equivalent of 45 billboards or 5,000 taxi top ads, that make daily deliveries into the city’s five boroughs five or six days a week. Because a truck can only qualify for TSN’s truckside advertising network if they delivery to consumer-facing retail, such as a grocery or convenience store, all of the deliveries occur not only where most people are, they occur when most people are there. The final ingredient to reducing NYC’s $35 CPM down to just several dollars is that all of these trucks make their money delivering product. The ad dollars are just icing on a big, flat-panelled sidewall.

TSN’s NYC trucks average over 400 miles a week and 10 deliveries a day to consumer-facing retail or commercial businesses. All deliveries are made only between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m., with a few exceptions that include a night shift in addition to the day shift. This, of course, isn’t by accident. TSN’s strict qualification guidelines require this exact kind of coverage, leaving blank nearly two-thirds of the trucks in operation.

World Class Advertising Coverage

Below are two examples of the daily — nah, minute by minute — monitoring that TSN’s home office does for every one of our advertising trucks, every day. With state-of-the-art GPS tracking and real-time monitoring, TSN knows just what advertising coverage we’re delivering to our clients. The maps below show the breadcrumb trail the trucks GPS pings leave behind while the heat map shows the concentration of the coverage. And just as we have sold our clients: the more people in an area, the more often our truck will be there — providing them epic street-level advertising in NYC for fewer dollars than ever before.

TSN’s Advertising Coverage in New York City

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