TSN Clients Keep Coming Back

Here at TSN Advertising, we pride ourselves on providing the best in class truck advertising campaigns to the best clients in the world. We have spent years developing long term relationships with the best advertising trucks in the business and we pair them with the clients that have the specific need we can serve. We then make our clients ads look better than anyone’s for fewer dollars. Because of this, we have amazing stories of clients trying us out and extending and expanding campaigns, year after year. Here are just a few of our stories.

We first tested a one month campaign for Tuft&Needle with 30 trucks to support a new store and a new growth strategy. They not only extended but did so for the next 12 months. They did so because not only does TSN only work with the trucks that provide the best advertising value, we make the trucks look better than anyone thought possible. We do all this for less than anyone has been able to do before. Take a look at that awesome 3D effect, looking into a truck full of that box of the best beds in the business. I guess you can have your cake and eat it too…

NYC has some of our most visible trucks and here’s a recent push by luxury shoe maker, Tamara Mellon. We have been live in NYC for six straight years running over a dozen massive campaigns for companies ranging from startups to fashion to finance. Why spend $75k on a Times Square billboard when our trucks are there on a near daily basis? And let’s just say, you don’t just get one ad for $75k. 🙂

Jack in the Box and TSN Advertising have been working together for over 3 years straight in California. No available billboards or billboards at reasonable prices? TSN has stepped in to provide much needed, big billboard advertising in an area that’s renowned for limited billboards. That was the bain of Jack in the Boxes advertising existence until they discovered TSN trucks. They haven’t let us go since. And we couldn’t be happier.

Corona & Constellation Brands work with TSN Advertising with an average of 6 campaigns a year throughout the Western US and have done so for the last 5 years straight. We step in to provide additional support for new brands pushes and seasonal promotions that keep the brand fresh and appealing to new and existing beer officianados, which, if we’re being honest, we consider ourselves to be as well. 🙂

ARCO has used a large portion of our fleets of truck every Summer for the last 4 years in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego. We have partnered with them during their critical Summer season to provide substantial additional exposure and help keep them front of mind for all those folks that are looking to get more value out of their gas. You can see these beauties regularly support ARCO’s major sponsorships of the Dodgers and Angels games in LA and Orange County. So next time you go, go with ARCO, go with VALUE. Hey, that sounds familiar… 🙂

TSN designed and built the first of its kind 3D truck for Coors Light, letting loose 22 of these beauties throughout 5 West Coast Cities for nearly two years. We designed, developed, installed, wrapped and hand painted these nearly 30 foot long beer cans and snow-frosted Rocky Mountains – all exactly to the brand specifications that Coors Light meticulously created. We did all of this with the complete confidence of the entire, wonderful MillerCoors team. They committed a tremendous portion of their Out of Home budget to TSN and these amazing trucks for nearly two years. If you’re curious, Production on these ran a cool $25,000 per. Not too shabby.

And here’s a little collage of the food category clients over the last couple years. Ranging from Blue Apron in San Diego to Home Chef in Chicago, and Tim Horton’s in Bangor, Maine.

Feel free to shoot us an email to learn more about how we can serve your advertising needs. contact@tsnadvertising.com

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