Tips for Success with OOH Advertising

AmeriSleep Truck Advertising TSNOut-of-Home (OOH) advertising is a truly tried and tested component of marketing. It’s also one that has been proven to change people’s opinions of brands, drive buying decisions, and most recently, drive online behavior. It’s a broad-reaching, heavy hitting form of advertising. For us, the key value of a successful OOH campaign doesn’t stop at capturing an impression – the key is that while delivering that impression, the viewer is being told that not only are they seeing this advertisement, but they know that so is everyone else. That is the magic in the right OOH campaign. That’s the reason the largest, most reputable brands dominate the OOH landscape. It works.

OOH is broadly defined as anything that reaches consumers when they are outside of their home. It’s so established that we actually see dozens of OOH advertisements every day: billboards as we drive on the road, ads on transit, and chalk signs outside of our favorite coffee shops. With so many options and such a long-standing medium, how do you navigate the options and create a winning OOH campaign?

Types of OOH Advertising

First, knowing the types of OOH can help you make sense of your options. There six main categories of OOH ads: billboards/wallscapes, street furniture (bus stops & shelters), Transit (buses & trains), experiential (e.g. sign flippers), aerials, and our personal favorite and expertise: Trucks, which fall under personal and commercial vehicles.

Each category plays their own role in our clients’ marketing strategy. Some offer the reliable repeat impression like a billboard on a common commute. Others offer large volume options while being quite limited in size and impression, like small bus banners. Others still are experiencing a renaissance like trucks, which when done well, offer best-in-class size: cost ratio and excellent coverage in high-value parts of a city. A truck advertisement, also known as a type of mobile billboard, is the conversion of a delivery truck into an advertising truck. Simple as that. The devil is in the details though. And at TSN Advertising, we live in the details.

Tips for Success with Truck Ads

Work with the right company. Trucks are a tricky business. According to our estimates, nearly 98% of trucks on the road do not qualify for our advertising network. Why? They don’t offer enough advertising value to work for our clients in our campaigns. At TSN, it’s not enough to show a photo of a truck wrap. It’s not enough to bring that truck one day to an event we know a client will be attending. For us, we need our clients’ trucks to deliver value for our clients day in and day out, whether our client is there or vacationing in Hawaii. We ensure this by working only with companies that make the right deliveries to the right locations.

– Add A Call-To-Action
OOH ads used to be placed just for brand awareness, but recently businesses started to get creative to get traffic to their website. Add a QR code that takes them to a direct link or your social platform, create a hashtag that can be shareable on social media, or offer a discount code just the people in a specific market.

– Captivate Your Audience
Most of your audience will see your OOH advertising in passing. You have about 5 seconds to capture someone’s attention with this kind of advertising. Make sure to use an eye-catching image with a catchy tagline so it can be easily remembered. Try to use fewer than 10 words of with powerful typography so that the consumer has time to register your message.

Strategize Your Location
Location is a key aspect to consider when choosing what kind of OOH advertising to select. Truck ads are great because they can drive through major cities during the busiest times to make sure your brand maximizes exposure. Many ads are easily avoidable by customers, but a 400+ square foot Signature InfinityWrap™ truck from TSN Advertising has an inescapable presence while on the road.

Are you looking into billboard truck ads for your OOH marketing campaign?
Let us help you! TSN Advertising is a truck-side outdoor advertising company that provides billboard-style advertising but at fractions of the cost of billboards or comparably sized buses.

TSN only works with the most valuable delivery trucks. These trucks look amazing and provide the most advertising exposure for our clients. Our trucks have daily deliveries to premiere retail locations in the busiest parts of major cities.

Feel free to email us at so we can start discussing what we can do for you!

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