TSN Advertising Unveils First of its Kind, 3D Concept for Coors Light

After a meticulous two month outfitting process, TSN Advertising has created dynamic, never before seen 3D truck extensions

SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA, DECEMBER 3, 2015 – TSN Advertising has announced the development and rollout of brand new 3D truck extensions for their client, Coors Light.

TSN Advertising CEO, Eric Zdenek, notes when MillerCoors came to them a year ago to inquire about assistance for a brand new marketing campaign, “Coors Light wanted to break away from their extension builds on traditional billboards and try something they’d never done before: bring to life the trucks that their customers see making deliveries day in and day out.” TSN did just that with exceptional design and ingenuity with two designs for the pilot marketplace of Los Angeles.

With half of the fleet turned into a Rocky Mountain topped Coors Light advertisement and the other half turned into the renowned Silver Bullet can, Coors Light has succeeded in turning heads like never before. Each of the fleet’s trucks depict the Rockies on their front half, which then extend down the top of the truck where the unique 3D mold blends seamlessly with the creative on the side of the trucks. The rest of the trucks offer a visual of a Coors Light beer can lying along the bed of the truck with realistic shading effects that give the side of the trucks the illusion of being rounded.

Speaking to one of the drivers of the Silver Bullet design, Anthony says, “there isn’t a delivery that goes by that people don’t stop and check out this unique ad. People are taking pictures of it everyday.”

The creative team at TSN Advertising says that the process to create the entire concept for the Coors Light project took over 2 months. They partnered with a fleet of trucks that were compatible with the build and concept, and TSN Advertising even brought in a production facility to guarantee that the wrap and the 3D mold would be seamlessly paired.

The finished product can now be seen making deliveries across Los Angeles.

TSN Advertising specializes in advertising for its clients on the sides of local, large delivery trucks for high-visibility ad solutions. By using their exclusive InfinityWrap™, TSN Advertising is able to help companies of all sizes get billboard exposure for less cost all while doing so with the industry’s best looking wraps.

The coupling of TSN Advertising’s signature InfinityWrap™ and the newly pioneered 3D mold are just another example of how the company is leveraging truckside ads as fuel for rapid expansion. TSN Advertising is among the fastest growing ad companies in the country and offers prime advertising in marquee locations throughout the US.

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