TSN Advertising Launches New Lyft to Work Program for Employees

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Mar. 30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ – Out-of-home media company TSN Advertising steps up its employee benefit game again with a brand new Lyft to Work program. This latest benefit allows its employees to commute to and from work solely by using Lyft. TSN’s team members now have a collective 50 hours per week returned to them to get work done or just unwind and stream March Madness. TSN operations manager, Jeremy Camilloni, comments “The scheduling feature allows me to plan ahead and I feel like I’m able to start my day before I even arrive to the office. Also, sitting in LA’s rush hour traffic is a much better experience when I’m able to finish some of my work or just simply kick-back and relax on my way home.” However the time is used, TSN and Lyft are excited for this new partnership and look forward to benefitting from one another.

The TSN fam gets picked up outside HQ by Priscilla from Lyft!

Lyft, a transportation network company that offers affordable and safe rides for individuals has seen a spike in usage since the new year. This new partnership follows a general uptick Lyft has seen as Uber, it’s main competitor, has had a challenging few months. Aside from this, there were numerous other reasons TSN decided to team up with the transportation service. TSN’s CEO, Eric Zdenek, weighs in on the adoption of Lyft versus alternative options, “The cultural alignment between Lyft and TSN makes this added perk all the better and one that we decided, as a company, to embrace.” Additionally, the Lyft customer service team has done a great job with assisting TSN in this time of transition. It’s evident that TSN and its employees are excited about the Lyft app and the ride sharing opportunities it will present.
TSN’s client, Smith & Forge Hard Cider, getting maximum exposure during rush hour in Los Angeles.

Sheila Bryson, Director of Communications at Lyft, is excited for TSN to be part of the Lyft family. She writes, “At Lyft, we’re focused on improving people’s lives with the world’s best transportation. We’re excited to partner with TSN Advertising to help the LA community get around safely, reliably, and affordably.” These capabilities coincide with the needs TSN has sought in a transportation service and Lyft has certainly delivered. The company looks forward to the sunny summer months of Southern California and the dependable rides they’ll receive with Lyft.

About TSN Advertising

The Truck Signage Network (TSN Advertising), based in Santa Monica, CA., is an outdoor advertising company founded in 2013 that operates in more than 30 markets across the US and Canada with many hundreds of advertising units currently serving its dozens of clients. TSN offers best in class advertising opportunities on a mobile billboard advertising platform by partnering with large, local delivery trucks and wraps them with the best in class ads they call their InfinityWrap™. These trucks are out on the road delivering products to consumer-facing retail stores day in and day out – but with TSN, they now become branded advertising units of enormous value.

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