Third time’s a charm!

TSN and Jack in the Box join forces once again, this time the TSN trucks are promoting Jack in the Box’s newly unveiled burger, the Double Jack.

“As the Jack in the Box brand moves forward, we continue to further refine our marketing communication strategy.” says Lenny Comma, chairman and chief executive officer. Bringing the broader strategy down to the street level in the Central California Coastal region, TSN Advertising gets the new promotional burger in front of consumers in the marketplace. TSN’s trucks make deliveries all around the 17 coastal Jack in the Box locations, leaving consumers across the region salivating at the new burger’s larger-than-life ads.

A large fleet of TSN trucks has been driving all over the Central California Coast for the past month showing off the brand new Jack in the Box ad featuring the new Double Jack Burger and will keep doing so for the next couple of weeks.

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