Breeze BikeShare Presented by Hulu, Bowlmor & YMCA

Santa Monica, known for its pier, beaches, restaurants, and overall charm, is also the home base for TSN Advertising. While millions worldwide are drawn to our city for these reasons, it also makes for a fantastic workplace environment. Centrally located on the promenade, the TSN headquarters is in the heart of downtown. Surrounding areas allow for our employees to have access to gyms, bike paths, shops, dining and just about anything else you could need, all within walking distance from the office.

For amenities that are not of walking distance, TSN has become part of the Breeze BikeShare Presented by Hulu which gives our employees access to bikes that are located throughout the West Side. This gives us the opportunity to explore new areas, try new cuisine and enjoy the coastal bike path. Just in the last 6 months we’ve collectively ridden nearly 200 miles and spared our community a few hundred pounds of carbon emissions. Go us. Another experience we couldn’t possibly pass up is the Bowlmor bowling league! Catch us at Bowlmor Alley Wednesday nights to witness greatness. Autographs will be given after our matches, or contact Steve to setup a meeting. All joking aside, TSN is locked in and ready to take names. Our competitiveness also shines while playing hoops at the local park. Luckily for us, we now have memberships to the YMCA, so no one can complain about the “bent rims” (Ben).

We enjoy cultivating an exciting culture that makes it all better to come to work for our clients. TSN will look to carry this energy and positivity throughout the new year and make it another successful year for our clients.

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