Capsule Pharmacy and TSN Launch Successful Truck Campaign

Capsule had a product, Capsule had a team, Capsule had the traction. Now it was time to scale and scale big. With a recent round closing $20 million in funding, CEO and Founder Eric Kinariwala and his team began hitting the streets of NYC with relentless advertising. Initially hitting taxi tops and miniature street furnishings, Capsule turned to TSN Advertising for its next big push. TSN Advertising, a nationwide leader in truckside advertising based in Santa Monica, CA but with offices in Midtown, answered the call with a massive 50 truck, multi-month campaign in the fourth quarter of the year.

In the pre-launch meeting between TSN CEO Eric Zdenek and Capsule, Kinariwala recalls the story of Capsule’s conception: “The consumer experience is broken,” said Kinariwala. “Going to the pharmacy is a half-step from going to the post office. The average consumer waits for an hour; people have to go back because their medicine is out of stock; they don’t understand the medicines because of dense leaflets.” Kinariwala clearly saw an opportunity to disrupt an entire section of the healthcare system with the convenience of delivery we’ve come to expect in most other areas of life. Now he needed to let the time-pressed and savvy consumers of NYC know that there was, in fact, a better way to fill your prescriptions. TSN stepped in to offer Capsule a better way to get in front of those consumers with unforgettable, larger than life, street-level advertising.

With a massive fleet of 50 delivery trucks that average 420 square feet of TSN’s Signature InfinityWrap™, Capsule is now a major player in the world’s most expensive Out of Home (OOH) market: Manhattan, NYC, with an average cost per 1,000 impressions (CPM) of $35. This is where TSN shines brightest: With an estimated CPM of a mind-blowingly low $1.92, there simply isn’t a more cost-effective way to capture the mindshare of the world’s most valuable OOH market.

This wasn’t the first time TSN was called upon to execute massive campaigns for startups, not by a long shot. TSN’s CEO notes the second largest category for his 4-year-old company is what they call the Emerging Brand Category, which includes big wins from Casper to Blue Apron to Home Chef to Gyft, among others. In most cases, Eric shares that his OOH platform is used as an innovative and affordable way to help create the comfort that comes with a legitimized brand. Study after study continue to show that the OOH and television sectors of advertising further a brand’s credibility better than any other medium. And with prices that are 1/10th of television, clearly TSN has a value proposition its clients have grown fond of. As for TSN’s largest category, you might ask? Well, it’s the OOH king, Beer. So next time you see a beer truck inviting a thirst for an afternoon brew, check the bottom corner for a TSN logo…

TSN continues to work with Capsule from their headquarters in Santa Monica, CA and regional offices in New York City and Dallas, TX. Contact TSN at 1-888-496-4850 to learn how we can help get your brand in front of more people.

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