The Benefits of Truck Advertising

Among the chief benefits of billboards are their inescapable presence while on the road. And being a part of the out of home category, they provide excellent legitimacy for any brand. Keep in mind that one of the pillars of out of home advertising, and truck advertising specifically, is that when someone sees your ad, you’re not just delivering a message to them, but you’re also letting them know that everyone else is seeing this ad too. This creates a valuable ‘herd’ mentality that can drive sales and brand loyalty. Now the key is to achieve this goal with the fewest dollars and furthest reach. Enter Trucks. Billboard truck advertising is a “mobile billboard” that provides the visuals of a full sized billboard but the price of a much smaller bus ad. There are many major benefits to using billboard truck advertising. Here are our top three reasons why you should consider this form of advertising:

1. It Is More Cost Effective Than A Billboard.

Billboard truck advertising has the lowest cost per impression that is shown to increase sales. According to a recent study by Product Acceptance & Research Inc., mobile truck advertising increases sales by 107%. While static billboards increase sales only by 54%. Advertising on a mobile truck is less expensive than many traditional marketing outlets. These types of ads are more affordable than stationary billboards, printed ads, and TV and radio commercials. It’s no surprise why many businesses are turning to this form of marketing.

2. The Unique Advertising Makes The Message More Noticeable.

Advertising on a truck is a unique marketing strategy that helps the marketing message stand out from the crowd. Many advertisements these days are easily avoidable by consumers. DVR’s help fast-forward through commercials, and magazine ads can be flipped away from. But seeing a mobile truck billboard is unconventional and thus very eye catching. The Transportation Advertising Council reported that advertisements on truck billboards have a 97% recall rate with customers. Yet, another reason why billboard truck advertising is so beneficial.

3. You Can Target A Large Audience.

The greatest benefit with billboard truck advertising is the ability to target a large audience. Mobile trucks can cover an entire city and reach the people that many outlets are unable too. Internet ads reach individuals who are only on certain websites. Publication ads reach only certain magazine readers. But an advertisement on a truck can reach much more. Marketers can target specific areas at certain times of day to ensure that their message is constantly moving in high traffic areas.

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