Interview with TSN President Eric Zdenek

December 6th, 2013

Thanks to entrepreneur news site FitSmallBusiness for this great interview with TSN President Eric Zdenek! In the interview, titled Would You Pay $1 To Reach 1,000 People With A Billboard Ad?, Eric discusses the benefits of billboard advertising, how companies should approach the medium, and more! Here’s an excerpt:

FSB: What advantages do billboards and OOH have over radio and local broadcast for a small business?

EricEric: A common aspect hailed by OOH providers is the inability for OOH audiences to ‘change the channel’ on advertisers.  Increasingly, consumers are skipping ads and changing stations to avoid traditional radio and television advertising.  We can see this phenomenon in advertisers’ new approach to TV and Radio: There’s been a steady shift away from traditional Radio and Television and towards a broader, New Media Marketing approach, which utilizes online videos, grassroots marketing tactics, and integrated OOH campaigns.

An excellent example of late is the integration of cult comedy star character Ron Burgundy and the promotion of the Dodge line up of vehicles & Anchorman 2.  Dozens of online-only videos were made next to just a couple that aired on television.  In addition, the promotion of Anchorman 2 has shifted much of the traditional commercial dollars to live promotions, meant to inspire an audience to seek it out, rather than trying to capture the audience’s’ attention through traditional TV and radio spots.

The new landscape of the ‘impatient audience’, if you will, has forced advertisers to re-evaluate their radio and television approach and left the OOH arena as a viable branding solution to an increasingly elusive audience.

As providers of hundreds of square feet of branding at the street level, TSN is in a unique position to get a client’s advertisement in front of commuters and consumers without risk of the channel being changed.

See the full interview here: Would You Pay $1 To Reach 1,000 People With A Billboard Ad? 

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