Why Trucks?

Billboard Trucks Deliver More Bang for Your Marketing Buck

Get unstuck and give your marketing wheels. Mobile truck advertising makes marketing campaigns more agile and dynamic. With TSN, your branding goes all throughout the target area on the sides of delivery trucks, day after day, week after week. Whether on busy city streets or at special events, truck-side advertising commands the level of attention that boosts awareness for your brand and revenue for your company.

Truck advertising can extend the reach of traditional billboard and bus campaigns by up to 10 times. With a CPM of about $1, truck advertising beats both the cost and the performance of any other out-of-home advertising. We have the capability to generate nearly 20 million impressions on over 4,000 square feet of uninterrupted, street-level advertising for only about $15k a month—an unbeatable value.

TSN Advertising trucks pass rigorous tests to ensure they are highly visible, contractually reliable, and highly targeted advertising platforms. Our trucks can be seen on intra-city highways during rush hours and on major boulevards during the day. So you can be assured that tens of thousands of people will see your largest-in-market advertisements every day.

Break free of stationary ads and turbo-charge your marketing. Mobile truck advertising gets your branding out of first gear and moves you ahead of the curve.  Find out just how innovative and eye-catching your marketing campaigns can be. The experts at The Signage Network give you one-stop shopping—and non-stop marketing—with the most creative and cost-effective advertising campaigns.

See Our Trucks In Action

We specialize in non-traditional outdoor advertising, because with decades of experience in the advertising industry, we have found unrivaled value in Truck Advertising. It’s that simple. 

Who We Are

Chumash Casino Resort Truckside AdvertisingAt The Signage Network, we specialize in delivering big-impact advertising to tens of thousands of drivers and pedestrians every day. We offer advertisers wholesale prices on the most cost-effective advertising platform available. When it comes to getting the most out of your marketing dollar, nothing comes close to billboard trucks.

To deliver wholesale rates, we negotiate directly with truck sources. We also produce and install your truck advertising campaign according to your specifications. By preventing questionable markups, we ensure industry-low pricing. We also take pride in earning our clients’ long-term business through our seamless process. Stand out from the crowd of outdoor advertisements with TSN, the experts in delivering more advertising to more consumers in more places!

Customer Testimonials

I couldn’t be more pleased with the partnership between LoanMart and TSN Advertising. At a fraction of the cost of billboards or bus ads, TSN has multiplied our out of home presence many times over. The New Billboard is now a key component of our marketing strategy.

- Colby Estes, Chief Marketing Officer, LoanMart